hex4.jpg 本山泉的源頭在海拔1280公尺,地下取水,經過壓力水管引到取水站。



藍色蓋子 = 不含二氧化碳 Co2 = 0.5 g/l
白色蓋子 = 含二氧化碳(Co2 = 6.0 g/l

This mountain spring arises at a height of 1280 meters and is accessed underground. It is then led under pressure to the filling point. Bottled with still water (Co2= 0,5 g/lit) and sparkling water (Co2= 6,0 g/lit). Qualities: alkaline, iron-containing, very soft, chalk-free,aseptic. Suitable for the preparation of infant food.

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Minimum order in EU: 10000 bottles a 1.00 EUR (excl. VAT)

100 years and more

Primary Rock cleanses your organ cells
and gives you a long, healthy life.
Drink it before breakfast at a temperature
of about 10 degrees Celsius

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100 Jahre und mehr

Primary Rock reinigt Deine Zellen
für ein langes, gesundes Leben;
Trinke es vor dem Frühstück
bei ca. 10 Grad Celsius

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